Magnus Premium Coffee

Everyone tells us our coffee is some of the best they’ve ever tasted. From our whole bean and ground, but especially our single pod cups! Here’s why: In addition to using a combination of meticulously roasted beans from regions far and wide, we’ve reinvented the way our single pod cups brew your favorite morning beverage! We’ve replaced the popular “plastic single pod cups” with a patented package that looks like a coffee filter and brews like a French press. That way, you get the aroma, richness, and freshness you love in every cup you brew!

Earth Friendly

At Magnus Premium Coffee, we believe that this is the only planet we have, so we’ve made it our mission to take care of it. People love the convenience of the single pod coffee, but can’t stand the pollution the plastic cups are creating in our oceans and landfills around the globe. At Magnus Coffee, every K-Cup is 100% recyclable with the lid on and coffee in the cup! We also use bio-degradable packaging for our bags and boxes for all of our Magnus Coffee products!

Charitable Heart

Our heart is anything but cool. When we launched the company, one of the biggest priorities for Magnus Coffee was to create ways to give back a piece of our profits for every bag of coffee we sell. Today, we are proud to support dozens of Non-Profit organizations around the country who have decided to partner with Magnus Premium Coffee to help with their fundraising initiatives. We believe that the best way to do well as a company is to do good by others!


Remember you receive free shippping on all orders over $50!

Plus you can subscribe for monthly shippments so you never run out of coffee.


Roaring Planet Corporation started with the vision to provide high quality products that are environmentally friendly and give back to our communities.

The world is full of low-quality products that frequently disappoint the buyer. The products are generally cheap knock-offs and do not create a high level of satisfaction.

Roaring Planet only focuses on products that will surprise you because of their high quality.

Our planet is full of trash, and we are not only talking about the landfills. Trash along roadsides ends up in streams and rivers making its way to the oceans. Poisoning and killing wildlife in the air, on the ground, and in the water. Most of these poisons have already entered our food supplies.

Roaring Planet strives to make every product we support as Eco-friendly as possible while pushing science to create even high levels of earth-friendly packaging.

Communities can only be as strong as the weakest link. Those in need may have addictions or experiencing abuse, lack of food, clothes, and shelter. Many non-profit organizations exist providing support to those in need. These great organizations provide a valuable link leveraging their skills, experience, and resources to make a difference – one person at a time.

That is why Roaring Planet is committed to supporting organizations that provide valuable support to those in need with a financial contribution from the sale of our products.

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Non-profit organizations require financial contributions from each of us to continue providing their resources to strengthen our communities. These organizations primarily exist through fundraising events like gala’s, silent auctions, golf tournaments, etc. Roaring Planet extends these 1 time events with everyday contributions.

Over 70% of us drink coffee and spend $90+ per month on their coffee habit. When you switch to our coffee, you are contributing to a great charitable organization with every cup your drink.

Our goal is to get every individual, family, and office to switch to one of our coffee products supporting great causes all day, every day. Think about this: Your workplace may spend upwards of $90 per day on coffee. If every cup of coffee in your workplace supported a great cause, you could be donating thousands of dollars each month to help those in need.

We also create craft coffee blends to leverage your brand. Putting your name on our great coffee allows your patrons to remember their commitment to you every time they drink their coffee. Ralphie’s Roast Premium Coffee is a perfect example of our craft coffee capabilities available at Ralphie’s Roast is the official coffee for the University of Colorado and Is created in recognition of their mascot – Ralphie.

Each of our partners receive an online coffee café that is open 24 x 7. Your café provides your supporters to buy the products you support. Each café has its own unique domain name (URL) plus a QR code for your patrons to scan and quickly access your café. Your café may only sell coffee, or include personalized products customized for you.

We also provide the guidance and resources for complete marketing campaigns for traditional and digital marketing. We also provide regular reports and analytics that help improve success.


Our bags and our KCUPS are earth friendly!



What’s better than pemium coffee at a discount?

We ship to you every month and you save!


We focus on more things that just great coffee beans. We pay attention to our planet. All our packaging and labels are earth-friendly. 


Typically coffee is roasted then left out to dry. During the drying process, freshly roasted coffee emits gases.

These gases will cause a lot of problems if freshly ground coffee is sealed into the package.

All our packaging has a 1 way defassing valve allowing the gasses to exit without any coming in.

We ship you fresher coffee that doesn’t sit around after it is roasted.



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