Light-Medium Roast

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, toffee-nut, mild smooth

$6.00$72.00 or from $5.40$64.80 / month

Danilo and his sons Marcelo and Sérgio represent the 4th and 5th generation of the family that has been in coffee growing since 1930. In the beginning, coffee was only for family consumption, but it was Jairo Barbosa, Danilo's father, who believed in coffee and made it the family business. More than just a business, Jairo wished that people could experience the same feeling he had, sit around a table, and enjoy a quality drink produced with love. The family believes that coffee goes far beyond the energy it can generate; for them, the commitment and dedication in each batch is reflected in each cup. The coffees are produced in a meticulous way, by family, who are also considered the collaborators, some of them with more than 20 years on the property. There were decades of studies, ups and downs, tests, and dedication. With evolution and tradition walking together, today the family works hard to produce the best lots.


  • Pods Compatible with Most Single Serve Brewers
  • Finer Grind (Richer Fuller Flavor)
  • High Fill Weight (Richer fuller Flavor)
  • Seal on Pods Allows degassing (so it can be super fresh coffee)
  • Optimized for 10-12 ounce brews