APC Decaf Blend



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Most decaf coffee drinkers compromise taste and purity to avoid caffeine. We challenge you to find a richer decaf without the horrible chemicals that are used in the industry. We take the highest quality beans through a Swiss Water Process for a pure, real, rich taste – without the chemicals – so you can enjoy coffee after dinner again!

Our beans are ground and roasted perfectly. They’re roasted first, then ground. And roasted properly, so as not to pulverize upon grinding, that causes acidity tastes. Packaged fresh in our biodegradable bags with our degassing valve delivering you roaster-fresh coffee.

Decaf Medium roasted, great coffee without the caffeine but with the perfect blend of beans from Peru and Burundi.

Available in:

Whole Bean | Ground Bean | K-CUP® Compatible Coffee Pods

12.0 oz Whole Bean
12.0 oz Ground

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