$5.00$72.00 or from $4.50$64.80 / month

Malawi is our best-selling coffee and the coffee we use in our canned cold brew. We love being able to buy coffee from Mzuzu, Malawi.

Malawi is a small country in Africa, about the size of New Jersey. The farms we buy from are in the north of the country around the city of Mzuzu. The co-op we work with is called Mzuzu Coffee. It is a democratic and empowered collection of farmers. They provide their workers with free health care and education to all their workers as well as free housing for widows and orphans. They have 3,000 members, 25% of whom are women.


  • Pods Compatible with Most Single Serve Brewers
  • Finer Grind (Richer Fuller Flavor)
  • High Fill Weight (Richer fuller Flavor)
  • Seal on Pods Allows degassing (so it can be super fresh coffee)
  • Optimized for 10-12 ounce brews